How to maintain curly and wavy hair



1. When curly hair starts to look frizzy or dry hair spray with water to calm. Hair more curl or start pad, leaving the use of good quality air conditioning may be required.
2. After the addition of water and / or conditioner gently with your fingers comb and style required.

1. It should be washed with warm water and a mild, non-centralized wig shampoo.
2. After rinsing, the hair air-dry. Do not finger comb the hair until it has completely dried up.

Sleep / day care
1. Cover hair with satin cover.
2. Wave mode: you can also loosely woven braids hair to keep wavy. So big braids for a loose wave pattern (loose deep body wave). The strict wave pattern (deep sleep), the smaller the braids. Be sure to include all your hair wave pattern consistency.

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