How To Choose The Perfect Length For Your Hair

It’s 2018! What’s your new hair plan? Are you thinking about changing your hair length? Hair texture is a main factor you should consider when you choose the best hair length.
1. If you have fine, thin hair, you probably don’t want to grow it very long because it will fall flat and even the most expensive mousse is not going to give it body. Fine, thin hair looks best cut to the chin or shorter. Layers will help add body, but too many layers can also thin out hair too much. Make sure your stylist doesn’t go heavy on the razoring.
2. If you have thick, curly hair, the longer you go, the better your hair will fall.
3. You frizzy and curly girls likely want to avoid the Christmas tree look (wide on bottom, lean on top). To do this, have your stylist cut in layers so the thickness isn’t at the end.
4. Curly hair can really be a hassle worn short. Although Audrey Tautou’s curly hair cut in a pixie may make you cry foul on that rule.

When you don’t know which length is perfect for you, here’s another secret tip: try on several wigs, you’ll quickly learn what lengths flatter you most. No matter which length you are looking for you, you can find the best lace wigs from UniWigs.
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