4 Tips For Women Who Wear Their First Lace Front Wig

As many of you know, lace front wig is quite popular among wig wearers, but for the women who never wear a lace front wig before, they will make some mistakes while applying the wig. So we’re going to show some tips for the first time wig wearers.
1. In order to wear a lace front wig or any other kind of wig, you will first need to wrap up your own hair completely close to the scalp, otherwise the wig will be noticeable.
2. lace Front needs to be cut, but not to close to the hairline because the hair will start to come off: lace front needs to be cut 1½-2” inches from the hairline.
3. Many first time users apply the wrong glue to their lace front. Please be advised that the right glue needs to be applied, and make sure that is dried completely, it usually take up to 15 minutes for the procedure to be completed.
4. Density of the lace wigs can sometimes be an issue too. Choosing the correct percentage of density of your wig will avoid you from further problems. Getting a wig that has too much density will make you feel really bad from your head. It will be obvious that you are wearing a wig. So at the time of purchase, make sure that you have in mind how much density is that you want your wig to have.
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