4 Care tips for Deep Curly Lace Wigs

human hair lace front wig with baby hair

Curly hair is hard to care especially deep curls. Even make a curly hair in a natural looking is difficult too.  We all know that human hair lace front wigs with baby hair can offer a much real looking, today I just want to share 4 tips for girls who have questions about how to care for a deep curly human hair wigs.

1. All wigs have been washed before shipping, so it can be worn directly when you get it.

2. Please style the curl texture gently, by fingers only. Do not use a comb, especially when it is wet.

3. If you need to wash the hair, please make sure the water is warm, not hot.

Put shampoo in a container of water and stir it into full foam.
Put the hair into the water, and wash gently. Never rub the hair.
After washing, put conditioner in another container of clean warm water. keep the hair in it for 5 minutes, rinse it with water, and remove the water with a clean towel.
Put the wig on the stand and let it air dry.

Deep Curly Human Hair Lace Wig

Deep Curly Human Hair Lace Wig

4. Curl texture needs special attention. Mal operation will cause messy or loose the waves, so please keep following the tips above to keep the texure lasting longer.

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